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My photography project Memories of London focused on the daily lives/habitats of immigrants from Turkey in London. I chose around ten Turkish / Kurdish immigrants for the project, who have – almost – never been to the London city centre and who have not seen 'World Famous London' and its iconic/touristic places. Taking them to a landmark of their choosing, I photographed their interaction with these places in their own styles. I used the large format film camera (4x5 inches

colour) to highlight the themes of `tradition` and continuity of traditions in these often introverted communities. I left the choice of places to be visited of to the participants themselves. These different places of London have various meanings to each participant, which creates a contrast and contestation between ‘centres’ (as places and ideas). At the same time, the project revealed that the common meaning or feeling about these places was a kind of alienation and sense

not-belonging to the places visited.

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